On Wednesday, our founder and CEO, David Hall, joined our good friends at ‘Live In the D’ on WDIV in Detroit.

David spoke with host Kim Degiulio live on the air about how Hall Financial can help people throughout metro Detroit, and all of Michigan with a refinance of their mortgage. With historically low rates still being available and home values rising across the board, it has created an amazing opportunity for people looking to lower their monthly payments or even utilize the equity in their house to put cash back in their pocket!

“The average homeowner in 2020, gained over $20,000 in home equity because of appreciation in homes…in Michigan there was a little bit more than that”, said David Hall

With Hall Financial, the average refinance takes less than 10 business days! In addition to that speed not seen anywhere else in the industry, Hall Financial makes sure to always treat every single client with the patented 5-Star Service we are known for.  In June, we are on track to surpass 3200 five-star reviews!

“We are a company that specializes in service. We have over 3,000 5-star reviews now. It is just really exciting for us to be able to take somebodies application today and late next week be able to close it, so that we get these wow experiences… That’s what we are all about”, said Hall.

Kim was impressed by the quick, quality service that Hall Financial provides and that two-thirds of the loans closed do not even require an appraisal! Which can save clients up to $750!