The Scotsman Guide recently released an article discussing client satisfaction in the loan originating space based on new client insights, as investigated by J.D. Power.  The piece focuses on the relationship between the client and business as well as the client journey.

The article makes it clear:  loan originators need to do better for their clients.  “Today’s mortgage customers expect personalized, highly customizable experiences that include the right mix of technology and personal interactions based on their unique needs and wants,” said Managing Director of Consumer Lending and Automotive Finance Intelligence at J.D. Power, Jim Houston.

Today’s world is controlled by digital and automation technology, but not everyone wants everything done with a few clicks of a button. Despite perceptions that Millennial & Gen Z customers prefer online interaction, J.D. Power’s research showed that these generations still value in-person communication. Getting a mortgage is an important financial decision, and it requires more personal attention. At Hall Financial we strive to understand your personal situation and determine the best options for YOU through direct communication. A computer can’t do that.

Client service has always been the focus for Hall Financial: becoming the most client focused company in the world was part of our founding mission.  With more than 4,000 5-STAR reviews, we are well on the way to meeting our goal.

We are dedicated to giving our clients a stellar mortgage experience. Through an obsessive focus on client service, buyers can compete in this changing market.  Our clients receive fast service without cutting corners, compromising accuracy or professionalism. Hall Financial is proud to be the home of the No Appraisal, 8-Day Close.  A majority of our loans close in 8-days, and we make that happen while still being available day and night, 7-days a week to answer all your questions and make you feel listened to and confident in the purchase or refinance of your home. What could be considered a purely transactional process becomes personal and meaningful when you work with us. In fact, we overstaff by design to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Communication is key to any successful relationship. That’s what our company is built on. We pride ourselves on communicating at a high level with each of our clients, so they feel informed and educated throughout the entire, speedy process until they reach the closing table.

As CEO and Founder David Hall likes to say, “Hall Financial is a client service company – we just happen to do mortgages.”