Choose Outdoor over Indoor Activities

Halloween is one of our last opportunities to take advantage of safer alternatives to indoor activities this season. Pumpkin patches, outdoor costume parades, reduced contact trick or treating are just a couple of ways to celebrate in the fresh air! Partaking in events like indoor costume parties and haunted houses can put you and other guests at risk.


Plan for Social Distancing

Keep activities between nuclear families and close relatives. If you are attending events, remain with your party and leave space between you and others. If you’d like to give away candy on Halloween, try setting out treat bags or a candy bowl. This is a great way to spread joy while keeping your distance!


Mask Up

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to use your mask to your advantage. Make your masks both fun and frightening. Match your costume!


Hand Sanitize

Whether knocking on doors, touching doorbells, or touching produce at the pumpkin patch, make sure to hand sanitize! This is particularly important where others may have touched the same things right before you. The good news is that candy is not considered a high-risk factor for the spread of COVID, which means there’s no need to disinfect your trick-or-treat bags.


Stay Local

Stay in your local community to prevent the spread of COVID to different areas. Based on the prevalence of outbreaks per area, not all of us will be experiencing the same Halloween night. To honor our Halloween traditions and bring back the holiday spirit, we suggest yard decorating, viral costume parties, and pumpkin carving!