There are a lot of things we have learned to value over the last 18 months, but one of the biggest trends to come out of 2020 and early 2021 is the value we place on our home space.  Whether it’s a cheerful home office, zen meditation space, quality kitchen, or cozy nook to binge-watch your favorite show for the 100th time…we have been making it a priority to upgrade our everyday spaces.

With summer here and more opportunities to be outside, there is some serious potential for outdoor upgrades to make staying home cozy AND fun.  2021 may be halfway over, but there is still a lot of time to enjoy your summer outside.  Check out below for some unbelievable backyard upgrades you can still make this summer.

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Fence Mural

You’ve heard it from all the experts – there is not much a fresh coat of paint can’t fix!  Why not upgrade your backyard by adding a fun pop of color?  Grab some stencils from your local hardware or craft store and make a simple DIY mural on your back fence for a beautiful upgrade and great conversation piece.  Paint some flowers, abstract shapes, or even show pride for your favorite sports team.  Get creative, get funky, and get painting!  Throw an outdoor rug down with modern patio furniture and you’ll have your very own outdoor oasis, outdoor home office, or chic meditation space.

Pro-Tip:  Why not invite a few friends over for a paint and sip party?  Use those stencils for a DIY paint by numbers guide and have a great time! 


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Outdoor Movie Theatre

Whether you’re hosting friends, setting up to entertain the kiddos, or planning a romantic date night – an outdoor movie night fits the “MUST DO THIS SUMMER” bill!  Who knew you could put together something so spectacular and dynamic in your own backyard?  Grab a projector, a screen, and get ready to transform your backyard into something magical.  Comfortable seating, string lights, and popcorn are required to get this mood right.  Don’t forget how important sound is!  Invest in a high-quality speaker so you don’t miss out on any of those “I’ll never let go!” moments.

Pro-Tip:  Set the stage – literally!  Your kids will go crazy for a special staging area that lets them perform along with their favorite prince or princess.


actual fire pit

Install a Fire Pit

Looking for something long-term that will last across all seasons?  Use this summer to install the fire pit of your dreams!  There are so many options on the market these days, ranging from bare bones to elaborate entertainment spaces. You’re guaranteed to find something that will fit your backyard aesthetic! Smore’s all year round?  Don’t mind if I do!

Pro-Tip:  Set up some string lights and lawn games for that “Friday Night At My House!” vibe week after week.  More of a Sunday afternoon crew?  Outdoor tailgating never looked so good.


outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Home chefs, grill masters, poolside bartenders, and foodies everywhere will tell you how their outdoor kitchen upgrades have changed their relationship with food and entertainment.  Elaborate outdoor kitchens and bars are very hot right now, but with good cause.  Not only is this a great way to enhance your indoor-outdoor square footage, but properly installing an outdoor kitchen can increase your home’s value.

Pro-Tip:  Don’t forget about the living space to accompany your new functional space.  What’s the point of that gourmet dinner if you do not have a luxurious outdoor dining space to enjoy it?


golf green

Backyard Golf Green

We’ve all been there.  Working from home, it’s lunchtime, you’re munching away at your PB&J and just wishing to be out on the course.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to pop out into your backyard to break up the day with some chipping or putting practice?  Now you can!  There are several companies doing exactly that – installing short game greens right in your backyard.  High investment with high reward – this could be an exciting opportunity for those looking to make their outdoor space exciting and fun.

Pro-Tip:  Try some midnight golf on your short game green!  Channel the cosmic bowling aesthetic from your childhood by tossing some LED lights or glow sticks into the cup, break out your glow-in-the-dark golf balls and have a great nighttime game.  Disco ball and psychedelic jams are not included!

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