Revamp your home this fall!

With the extra hours we’ve spending in our homes, try taking the time to make small yet impactful projects to improve your space! These are the easiest way to change things up and add a little liveliness back into your house.

  1. Organization

While this may not be the most appealing of all our suggestions it is an amazing way to make your home more functional. By reducing the clutter everyone can enjoy the benefits!

  1. Indoor Garden

Indoor plants are a great way to clean and purify the air in your home. Place them in your bathroom, kitchen and in sunlight throughout your home. These can also provide a unique dimension to any room! Grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen to use in your cooking too!

  1. Rearrange your furniture

You can completely alter your space just by moving your furniture around! Try different layouts and pick your favorite. The beauty of change can switch up any boring routine. Create an in home office set up you have been needing, rearrange the living area or hang that mirror that’s been leaning against the wall for a year!

  1. Paint!

Whether you are giving the ceiling touch-up, finally updating the basement color or styling your front door, the options are endless. Give your house that extra love (and update) it deserves!

With these easy projects, take advantage of your extra time at home. Whether you are looking to pass the time, boost your house synergy or surprise the family, these simple tasks can bring a little light into your home and your life. If you have questions as you spiff up your house, reach out to our mortgage expert team, we would love to help you lower your mortgage payments and provide you the BEST home loan options.