1. Don’t buy new brushes! It is hard to get ALL the paint off a brush. Instead of tossing the old brushes and purchasing new ones, use vinegar or fabric softener to clean the brushes.


  1. Get rid of the fuzz!Cheaper paint rollers usually have a layer of fuzz encasing the roll. Grab packaging tape and press it into the roll. Once you rip it off, you are ready to roll, literally!


  1. Foil, foil, foil!To save time and money, use the tin foil hacks:
  • use tin foil as your paint tray liner
  • use tin foil to cover your brushes and rollers so you can come back to them later
  • create a shield around the handle of the brushes or rollers to keep your hands paint free


  1. Rubber bands are your friend!Instead of getting the edges of the paint can messy, wrap a rubber band around the entire can so that it sits across the opening of the can. Dip your brush and wipe any excess off on the band! No mess!


  1. Vaseline!While we recommend using painter’s tape for your edging, any small areas you don’t want to cover, coat with Vaseline first! No need for a trim there.


  1. Heat it up!The process of removing painter’s tape after painting can be time-consuming and can cause some severe damage to the surface you didn’t want to get paint on. Instead of pulling the tape, warm it up using a hairdryer and begin to peel from one end.


  1. Clean up, crew!You’re covered in paint because you didn’t listen to the foil shield hack. Not a problem! Use FAST ORANGE, and you’ll be left spotless in no time.


  1. Push comes to shove!Have a high spot you need to paint, but didn’t buy the extension for your roller? Take the head off your push broom, and screw in the end of your roller brush. You will instantly reach new heights with this hack!


  1. Board it up!While tarps are an easy way to cover your floors when painting, flat cardboard is a more stable surface that won’t move easily!


  1. Dust before!You want to ensure your walls don’t have any dust to cause uneven coverage of your paint. The fastest way to dust your walls is a SWIFFER!