Have you ever stopped and thought, “What could happen if I stayed an extra hour?” or “What could happen if I came in on the weekend?” or “What could happen if I beat everyone into the office?”

Not would, could.

Thoughts like that seem so absurd sometimes, don’t they? Who would want to stay longer, skip a party on a Saturday, or get up before the sun rises to come in and make a few extra calls?!

You know who? The people who are going to be successful.

If you’re not willing to put in the extra time because your ego says, “I’m not getting paid for this right now so I’m leaving,” how much do you really care about investing in your future success? Think about it.

You have to put in the time to see the results.

You may not be getting paid beyond your hourly rate or getting recognized for your hard work on a daily basis. There may not be a promotion in sight or a bonus hanging over your head. It’s hard to swallow: the lack of recognition you may get for being killer at your job. There may be no guarantee of future success that you can see.

Know this: you cannot lose by investing in yourself.

Insert another one of David’s motivational Sweet 16: “Decide You Work Hourly or You Work for Investment In Yourself.” David is the biggest advocate for putting in a ton of work to make great things happen. You can watch the hours pass by or you can give it your all during those hours…and then some. You can latch on to the confines of 9 to 5 or you can work hard for 26 days and then take a long 4- or 5-day weekend. Seriously, that was David’s method back in the day when he wrote loans. You can waste time talking about traffic with coworkers or you can focus your talk on business and on growth.

Why wouldn’t you want to give it your all and know when you go to bed at night you could not have given more? Whether you’re in sales, a server, or an athlete, it’s the same mentality across careers. Go to bed knowing there were no more calls for you to make that day. Count your tips knowing every guest you served will want to come back and sit in your section. Walk off the field knowing you played with heart and didn’t let your team down.

If you want to make things happen, you push yourself to make the best of your time. But the choice is ultimately up to you. Stay an extra hour or not. Come in on the weekend or not. Your call.

Ready to put in the time to invest in your future success? Send us your resume. We’ll give you the tools—we want to give you the tools to be successful—but you’re the only one who can choose how to use them. “Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.”