While walking through my local famer’s market last weekend browsing all the beautiful home-grown fruits and veggies, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself remembering that this year was supposed to be MY YEAR to start my own garden.  Hauling my goodies home, I couldn’t help challenging myself: could I still pull this off?  A small space and the late summer season had me concerned but with a few helpful tips and tricks I can get on my way to a lucrative fall haul.  Let’s get growing, guys and gals!

It’s Not Too Late!

Spring is synonymous with all things growth but not all gardens need to be planted before late summer.  Think of those delicious fall veggies that have quick maturation timelines.  Planting items like beets, broccoli, carrots, scallions, cauliflower, or numerous leafy greens can have you munching on your garden-fresh treats in just a few months.



Buy A Season Extender

Early fall weather can be unpredictable in the northern regions, so purchasing a season extender can protect you garden.  These types of covers are typically made from fabric and will allow sunshine while banishing frost.  Cold frames are an easy DIY project that can supply additional coverage and warmth into the chillier seasons.

mom and kid


Low On Space?  There’s a Garden For That!

One of the largest issues facing homeowners and renters alike is not having a large amount of yard space to plant a garden straight into the earth.  Luckily enough there are so many creative and fun garden options.  From large steel tubs, concrete blocks, vertical potting, or professionally created raised garden beds – there is a space for every place.



I Want To Garden All Year Long!

Looking for a solution for trying your green thumb all year around?  Backyard greenhouses are becoming more popular and are offered in different shapes, sizes, and price points.  It is important to do your research and speak to an expert to make sure you’re purchasing the right structure for your unique needs and climate.

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