Hall Financial is excited to announce that Jessica Wysocki has been selected as our July 2021 HALLSTAR.  We thank Jess for her can-do/will-do attitude, high impact energy, and for helping each Hall Financial team member get their ducks lined up!  Learn more about Jess in our July 2021 HALLSTAR Spotlight below!


Hobbies:  Reading, Long Drives, Spending Time with Friends & Family

Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Tigers

If I could have one superpower it would be: Ability to teleport

Favorite Work Snack:  Pickles!  Someone just dropped some off to my desk, they’re my favorite.

Three Words to Describe You: Good listener, dependable, caring

Personal Motto: I go through seasons, but my current motto is “Its all going to work out in the end!”


Congratulations on becoming Hall Financials’ July 2021 HALLSTAR!  You were nominated for the Hall House Rule Get Your Ducks Lined Up – can you tell us a little bit about what that means to you?

Being nominated for get your ducks lined up is honestly funny because I feel like on a daily basis, I’m 10x harder on myself than everyone else is.  So, I appreciate that everyone thinks I’m doing a great job!  I am obsessed with being organized and neat so I’m glad it provides value.

You could say it’s a strength and a weakness (laughs). It’s a strength because the little details rarely get missed; however, it’s a weakness because I can become so hyper focused that I lose sight of the bigger picture.

Thankful I have a team that reminds me to zoom out and look at things from different perspectives!


When did you start with Hall Financial?  What do you do here?

I started in October 2018. Currently, I am an Executive Assistant to Chris Foster, SVP of Sales and Operations.  I support him and the organization in day-to-day company business, making sure schedules are organized, reaching out to clients, rescheduling meetings, and being a liaison between him and everyone else.  I’m his right-hand woman and extension of him.  He only has two arms, so I add two more!


You’ve done quite a bit with your career since joining Hall Financial.  Take us through your journey? 

I was hired in as the marketing assistant and was able to do a lot of exciting things in that role, I even birthed our 5-star process!  Eventually I decided that I needed a new challenge so I reached out to David and asked where I could learn something new and dive deeper into how our industry works.  He was able to help me transition into the Vendor Analyst role on the Operations Team, and I was pulling double duty in both that and the marketing role.

About the time the pandemic hit I started taking on more responsibility under the operations umbrella, so I fully transitioned out of marketing and fully into operations.  I started learning significantly more from there.  About 5 months ago I was asked to step up into my current role.


Have all of those opportunities affected who you are within the company today?

I feel it has helped me develop professionally significantly.  I have always appreciated David’s desire to hire younger folks to develop their talent and having this platform has allowed me to grow.  I’m learning so much; like how to go with the flow and focusing on how we’re all building blocks working together.

That is something that I’ve been reflecting on the past few months.  I am proud of myself for using my voice to move the needle and take into consideration everyone else’s input and feedback.  We are a team!


Speaking of team:  what are three words you would use to describe your fellow team members?

Dedicated, Motivating, Family


What has been your favorite part about working with Hall Financial?  Do you have a proudest moment?

Its not one thing!  It’s the fact that we are a family.  The best example I have of that family feeling is that I have never felt so loved on my birthday ever before.  The love that I felt from my Hall Financial Family made coming to work on my birthday worth it.

My proudest moment would have to be when Chris Foster asked for me to step up to be his Executive Assistant.  He gave me the challenge of writing a cover letter expressing why I would be a good candidate for the role and how I would use this opportunity to benefit Hall Financial.

For the first time in my entire professional career, I was excited to write a cover letter and to talk about myself and how I can help this company move on an upward trajectory.  It made me feel seen. Sometimes you can feel like you’re not impactful and that moment validated that everything I do here is heard and valued.


We need to know!  Where will the HALLSTAR trophy be displayed?

It will be right on my desk right by my computer screen.  It gives me a great opportunity to talk about our Hall House Rules when people stop by my desk and ask about the trophy.  I’ll have the perfect opening to tell them about who we are and what we have to offer!