It’s the height of summer and who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice relaxing day at the pool?  Going to the community pool can be inconvenient, leaving you longing for your own backyard oasis.  The good news?  There is still plenty of summer to get your pool installed with lots of sunny summer days left to enjoy.  With so many options today, the right pool at the right budget is out there for you.

Budget Conscious:  Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are great because they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles; providing options to fit your yard. Permanent, dynamic, whatever setup is necessary for your current situation. The best part is the price – you can find options above ground starting at just a few hundred dollars.

above ground pool hfg

Upgraded Oasis:  Inground Pools

Looking for a serious pool commitment?  Inground pools are great for a more permanent and lasting solution in your outdoor space.  While there are several types of inground pools, all options do have a larger cost for both installation and maintenance.  Choosing an inground pool is great if you are looking for an option that you can fit into your landscaping plans and blend in for that “Pinterest perfect” backyard.  Remember to budget in safety features if you have young children or pets since these pools are at ground level and easier to access than above ground options.


Luxury:  Infinity Pools

Already have a winning view in your backyard that you are looking to enhance?  An infinity pool might be the right option for you. These pools look edgeless, making sure that the feature you’re highlighting isn’t disturbed by the pool walls.  This effect is created by having the lip of the wall slightly lower than water level, allowing the water to flow over the edge.  Cool, right?

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Specialty:  Swim Spa

Love swimming laps in a full-sized pool but don’t have the square footage?  A swim spa might be the right option for you.  These modern pools use jets to supply continuous motion so you can swim at a steady pace without moving in laps.  These pools are built in-ground, but require minimal space so they are perfect for small yards.

Relaxation At Any Budget:  Spa & Jacuzzi

Looking for a more relaxing option you can utilize year-round?  Spas and jacuzzies can be friendly for most budgets!  These relaxation stations can be built inground or above ground and don’t need as much space as a traditional pool.  Most spas and jacuzzies can be used in any season and offer a variety of health benefits.

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