Home Decorating for Fall!


  1. Bring in Light


It’s getting dark quicker these days, making it feel much later than it actually is. Keep it light and cozy by adding a Pumpkin Spice candle or stringing up lights for a festive feel. Add a little extra glow to illuminate your space.


  1. Extra Blankets


There is nothing like wrapping up in a warm blanket drinking cocoa by the fire. Surprise your guests with even MORE blankets. Wool, knitted, plaid, hand-stitched! The possibilities are endless. A simple rolled up blanket makes a cute addition to a guest bedroom.


  1. Decorative Gourds


The colors outside are absolutely beautiful right now so why not bring in some unique outdoor ornaments to your table! Gourds have a festive, seasonal effect to top off your kitchen or centerpiece. No wicker basket is complete without them this fall!


  1. Don’t forget to deck the door!


It’s not fall if you don’t have a couple of pumpkins on your doorstop. Whether you’re carving pumpkins, celebrating or just getting in the holiday spirit, the variety of pumpkins AND gourds will cheer up any front door! Decorate your windows or front door with a wreath as well. Find one at your local craft or floral store or make your own.


Fall never ceases to be a beautiful seasonal change. Look forward to it by decorating your home, prepping for Halloween or getting recipes ready for Thanksgiving! A little spark of joy throughout the home will remind you of the simpler enjoyments of life.