“These aren’t transactions, these are opportunities to help people find the homes of their dreams.” -Alina Valentine, KW Metro Royal Oak

Alina Valentine is a Hall Priority Partner and realtor at KW Metro Royal Oak, and she prides herself on creating an undeniably great purchase process for her clients. With home listings in July up 6.5%, Alina suggests the tides are changing making right now the perfect time to get back into the housing market. Currently, inventory depends on the property a client is looking at rather than price. The market is pushing back, compared to a couple of months ago.  Alina is an expert at helping you find the perfect home, but she also is one of the best at helping her clients navigate all the details in the selling process.

Alina gave us the scoop on the four imperative steps she recommends to all clients before they list their home.

  1. Hire the Proper Agent

The “Hide and Shine” is Alina’s trademark method of getting a client’s home ready to list. Alina will hire a cleaner to get the listing in great shape and recommends her clients to de-clutter prior to photos and showings.

  1. Set Up Great Lighting

Brightening up a client’s listing is a great way to get the home showroom ready. Light is important to potential buyers, so listen to your agents’ suggestions for showcasing this highly sought-after feature.

  1. Take Great Photos

Alina will bring in the best photographer to showcase her client’s home. The more people the client draws in, the more opportunities to sell! Homebuyers are viewing most listings online first, so top-notch photographs are an important first impression.

  1. Add Some Paint Touch-Ups

A client can touch-up their home with paint and put the least amount of money possible in to get the most money out. Adding a neutral color throughout your home may make it easier for potential buyers to visualize a blank canvas for their future home.

As a top Hall Priority Partner, we appreciate that Alina showcases the philosophy that clients aren’t transactions. She treats each situation as unique and is dedicated to helping each client find their perfect home.

Looking to sell? Prepare to “Hide and Shine” your home by calling Alina Valentine at 248-808-2952.