To take on the competitive housing market, you need all the right tools in your pocket. Hall Financial and Hall Priority Partners are the perfect pair to get the job done and help you find your new home. When you Call Hall First, Hall Financial will get you pre-approved the same day and connect you with a top realtor in your area. These top realtors are Hall Priority Partners, who are among an exclusive and expert group of professional realtors. We recently interviewed a couple of Hall Priority Partners who gave insight into their experience working with Hall Financial, and how they have been able to help their clients take on the high-stakes housing market and win. Watch the video above to learn why you should find your next home with a Hall Priority Partner.

Hall Priority Partners know how to navigate the competitive housing market and get your offer accepted. Quick pre-approvals and speed to close are essential to compete in today’s housing market. Over the past couple of months, housing inventory has reached record lows, and median home prices have crossed record highs. In May, inventory for homes was down 43.1% year over year (Olick, 2021) and the median home price of single-family homes was up 25% year-over-year in the first 3 weeks of June (Aurellano, 2021). The biggest news recently has been that sellers are entering the market later than normal. According to an article on CNBC, new listings in June increased by 5.5% year over year and increased 10.9% compared with May. This is great news for eager buyers as there are new homes on the market!

Hall Priority Partners give you the competitive edge you need to get your offer accepted.  Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner, Hall Priority Partners are the best realtors around for your real estate needs. Mortgage lenders are playing a more critical role than ever when it comes to winning an offer on a house, and that’s why Hall Priority Partners trust Hall Financial to get the job done. Hall Financial is a top mortgage company with nearly 4,000 5-star reviews because of our commitment to client service. Chat with us online at or call 248-308-5000 to get connected with a Hall Priority Partner and start the search for your new home today.



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