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Get in the game with JuJu Sells! Julie Trauben, also known as JuJu, is a realtor at Keller Williams Showcase in Commerce, Michigan. Julie is also a Hall Priority Partner with Hall Financial and we always love connecting with her.  Today we’re talking about top tips for finding a home, interest rates, and your greatest resources during the home buying process.

Julie is a top realtor in Commerce, Michigan. She fights for her clients, has their best interest in mind, and her communication is top notch. Julie also adds valuable insights into the market so picking her mind on today’s trends was a fun experience.

When it comes to the intense housing market, Julie suggests houses are sitting on the market for 1-2 days longer than normal.  First time homebuyers and experienced buyers are all going for the same, shiny house. Julie suggests for buyers to be more accepting towards something that may need a little bit more work. You can make anything nice; you just need to get off the sidelines and into the game with Julie and Hall Financial!

Now is the perfect time to purchase your new home. Interest rates are predicted to increase next year, meaning you would be paying more next year for your new home, and you may not be approved for the same amount! If you like the layout and location of the home, jump into the action and make it your own.

With how quickly the market is moving currently, Julie has heard some first time and experienced homebuyers alike express concern when getting pre-approved for a VA or FHA loan. However, Julie points out that these loans close just as quick as conventional!

Make sure to use your resources when looking for a new home: your realtor and your lender.  Not only does Hall Financial close the majority of purchase loans in 21 business days or less, but we are also completely focused on creating a seamless experience for all of our clients.  Whether it’s connecting you with a great realtor in our network like Julie or finding you the best rate possible; Hall Financial is here to offer you lower payments, better options, and more personal attention.

Connect with Julie Trauben at 248-219-5531 and start looking for your new home today!