Andrew Hanagan of Jim Shaffer and Associates Realtors sat down with the Hall Financial team to discuss the hot housing market. Andrew reassured viewers that the housing market has not plateaued, but rather takes a great realtor and lender to find your new home. There are good houses out there, and Andrew Hanagan and Hall Financial can get you there!

Andrew is a top realtor in Royal Oak and Metro-Detroit.  He is highly knowledgeable and enjoys educating his clients about their best options. With today’s low inventory of turnkey homes, Andrew suggests looking where can you add value to your home, so when you sell it, you can make a greater profit. When searching for a new home, a buyer has a better chance of finding a $195,000-$200,000 home and then putting some work into it. Instead of paying over market value, Andrew recommends buying a fixer upper and putting some equity into it. Royal Oak and Hazel Park are full of hidden gems available to purchase and fix up! Nevertheless, the housing market is still facing a low inventory of homes between $100,000-$300,000, so purchasing a home with quick fixes is very reasonable for most home buyers.

In order to determine dos and don’ts when selling or buying a home, call Andrew Hanagan! Andrew will help you determine how you can keep the most money in your pocket, whether you are adding some paint and new counters to your current home or fixing up a new one. Andrew is all about educating his clients, so he sets up a Buyer’s Consultation right away to gain an understanding of his client’s unique needs. During the Buyer’s Consultation, a client will be able to discuss what they are looking for in their home, geographic locations, price points, and if they have an existing pre-approval.

Andrew prides himself on clear and transparent communication with his clients. With stakes being so high in this housing market, he knows that his clients must have a strong pre-approval letter in hand and great realtor who’s willing to go the extra mile for them. Andrew always suggests Hall Financial for quick and easy same-day pre-approvals.

Contact Andrew Hanagan at (734)-323-1512 to discuss what you’re looking for a new home, get a same-day pre-approval from Hall Financial, and be on the way to purchasing your new home.