Just like many Americans, we are following the new stay home and social distancing regulations put in place. In this unprecedented time for our nation, we are urged to stand still and do what we can from home. You can make the best of it by being productive and preparing your home for spring!

Winter weather can do a lot of damage to the inside and outside of your home.

Here are 5 ways you can get ahead of the game by preparing your home for the spring:  

Check your roof

Safely grab a ladder and climb up to get a closer look at the current state of your roof. Check for any loose or missing shingles and remove any debris that could’ve made its way up there. If you see any areas that could pose a problem, now is a great time to think about contracting a roofing company to do repairs once the weather breaks.

Clean the gutters

The winter weather most likely has blown leaves and debris in your gutters. Before the rainy spring season starts, it would be a good idea to clean out your gutters to ensure they are working properly.

Power wash your house

More than likely you put away all your outdoor furniture at the beginning of winter and now have a bare porch and patio. Power washing your porch, patio and the externals of your home will help you get things tidy for when it is time to entertain outside.

Replace all your filters

Rather you are replacing air vent filters or water filters, the vast majority need to be replaced every 3-6 months. Start the spring off with clean, new filters you won’t have to worry about again until the end of summer.

Clean your vents and ceiling fans

Vents and ceiling fans are probably the dustiest parts of your home. Cleaning those items typically fall through the cracks and are forgotten. With dust come allergies! Get ahead of the seasonal allergies by eliminating a source in your home.