4 Things To Handle Immediately In Your New Home

Congratulations! You have just purchased your new home, but now what? Before you pop the paint and arrange your furniture, there are 4 steps we HIGHLY recommend.

This is probably the only time your house will be empty, and you should take advantage of it! If your home is a new build, you want to make sure there is no sawdust left over, no tape still lining your baseboards, and that your vents are all cleared. If your home was previously occupied, start with the toilets!!!! Either deep scrub or replace those porcelain thrones.

Yes, you have probably already had a home inspection and an appraisal. Even with these precautions, it’s best to take the time and do a thorough once over of your home. If there were any leaks, cracks, or breaks, you’d want to attend to those matters immediately.

It is important to make sure you are receiving your mail! In some states, you only have 2-3 days to change your residence when moving. Head to the Secretary of State and get that switched ASAP! Then head over to usps.com and register your new address. Sometimes there is a small fee, but it’s painless.

Whether it’s your first home, your fourth home or new construction; you’ll want pictures from when you first moved. You’ll want to see how different your life was and how different your home was. Pictures are always nice to have for a rainy day or a nostalgic moment.