Did you know interest rates have reached a 5-month low? NOW is your second chance to refinance at a lower rate with a no appraisal, 8-day close from Hall Financial! Home values have gained over $33,000 in equity from early 2020 into 2021. Imagine what home improvements you could make with a cash-out refinance from Hall Financial! Read below to learn about refinancing and taking advantage of equity TODAY.


How do I know if it is a good time to refinance?

If you have been in a loan for more than 1 year or have an interest rate above 3% then you should look into it!


How much money can I save a month on my mortgage payment?

Every situation is a little bit different. On average our clients save at least $150-$200/month in payments by refinancing.


You said that rates are the lowest they have been since February 2021, why should I lock that rate in now instead of waiting to see if they drop more?

RIGHT NOW, we are at 5-month lows, but rates can change quickly. Rates tend to go up very quickly but do not fall very fast.


How can I tap into my home’s equity?

With a cash-out refinance, you are taking advantage of the equity in your home. The average homeowner gained over $33,000 in equity from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021, meaning your house could be worth a lot more now. You can use that equity to renovate your kitchen, patio space, or even create a new office space.


How can my loan be closed in 8 business days or less?

With the majority of our loans ready to close in 8 days. The best way to close fast is when our team asks for any documents is to get it to them within 24 hours. We do our absolute best to close soon but we need the clients help!




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