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Have you ever heard parents talk about how they have to tell their kids something five times before they finally listen? Have you ever been grounded by your parents because you didn’t listen for the fifth time? Not me, of course – – but maybe my brother). Five months ago, I wrote a blog titled “Turbulent Times” which poked at the airline industry for consistently poor customer service and experience overall. Well, fast forward and here we are five months later with what I believe to be the worst client service debacle in U.S. airline history, stranding more than 1 million paying passengers over the holiday season…and the meltdown was not entirely due to the snowstorm either.

Data shows that flight cancellations in 2022 have surpassed pre-pandemic times. Here are some stats I came across from just the first half of the year:

  • 1 in 5 domestic flights were delayed or cancelled
  • 1.5 million bags were damaged or missing within the first half of 2022
  • The average airline cost increased by 16.9% (Average cost: $330)

The travel chaos we all feel is caused by strained operations and quite frankly incredible mismanagement. From not making necessary investments in or having proper oversight of personnel and technology, along with scheduling flights without sufficient staff coverage…oh, and over-booking flights in attempts to offset their overhead expenses without consideration for displacing families for hours, if not days. It bothers me that 52% of pilots were rerouted during the holidays…and due to maxing out their hour’s pilots were then grounded due to federal required rest

Okay…so where do mortgages come in, Hall!? It doesn’t…. once again it comes down to caring about the client experience.

Anyone that has met or worked with me or any of our team members, it’s the client service that I am so passionate about. It’s really all that matters in the end…what you’re remembered for. There are many components that a business needs to have. It is crucial to secure top talent and take care of your people, develop state-of-the-art technology, have a strong financial foundation and be fiscally savvy, creating opportunities for career growth…but first and foremost it is necessary to be passionately aligned in seeking excellence in client service no matter what industry you are in!

I believe that if you make that your number one focus, the success will follow. Hall Financial is overstaffed by design. We have every base covered 3x over to ensure your needs are met…and quickly. We answer when you call. We listen when you explain your goals. We respond when you text or email, too – even on weekends! So, while other industries may be grounded, our team is hitting the ground running with vigor and passion to serve you!

Hopefully this time around, the airlines will “get it”.

Have a great and productive day.