Save with the Hall Financial Easy Start Program. Your First Year in the 5’s. Then locked in the 6’s. Other Lenders are in the 7’s.

Introducing the Hall Financial EASY START PROGRAM*. In our continuing effort to make home buying easier and more affordable, we’re now offering a unique mortgage program where you’ll save thousands.

Looking to refinance your home? We’re currently pricing refinance rates well under the current market rate. If you want to reduce your rate or eliminate PMI, submit your information today and take advantage of our Easy Start Program!

*Available on purchase mortgages only. Easy Start Program offering is a 1-0 buydown mortgage where the interest rate for the 1st year is temporarily 1% lower than standard market interest rate and is fixed for 12 payments (initial period). After the initial period, the interest rate will increase 1% and subject to the terms of the mortgage. Subject to borrower approval. Some exclusions may apply.