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Last Friday we launched our first Podcast in honor of National Podcast Day. Did you know that there are 385 million podcast listeners globally? It’s projected that by the end of 2022, that will grow to roughly 424 million podcasts listeners. For the sake of being transparent, I will admit, I never liked any podcast I listened to. With that said, we created a podcast that is not a podcast, called D.Hall and The Crew.

Last week I had our lovable Home Loan Advisor (HLA), Dustin Walker, and life of the party Realtor Relations Ambassador, Kara Vendittelli, speak about multiple topics that hone in on client service. I have always been so amazed by an uncommon client experience….be it the concierge at a Ritz Carlton, the server who’s personality shined so bright, the car wash that went above and beyond, a coffee shop owner who remembered my name, or even the mortgage expert who took great care and attention as if I was their only client. You just can’t help but walk away feeling confident, cared about, listened to and super important due to the novelty experience you just encountered.

Click below to hear how Kara feels about client service and having good intentions and how Dustin adopted a hospitality culture by saying “Yes is the answer, what is the question?” to all of his clients.

The Podcast

Unforgettable client service stories are my favorite. They help inspire the team and demonstrate situations for going above and beyond. It’s also the premise our company is founded on – more personal attention. It’s as simple as treating someone as you like to be treated, maintaining a positive attitude, having a creative way to problem solve, responding quickly, giving that personalized touch, being an active listener, keeping your word and being your authentic self. Hope you enjoy the podcast that’s not a podcast!

Have a great and productive day!