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Its 9am and you’re on the weekly Monday Motivation company zoom call…The emails are pouring in, the tasks at hand are enough to last the month, you’re setting your goals for the week.…why would we be talking about our future self? Isn’t there enough to focus on today? Present day me? We all encounter this push and pull between our vision of who we are today and the drive to who we strive to become tomorrow.

I was recently talking with someone about why we don’t see more wildly successful people around us we want to emulate or strive to reach their level. I’m talking the Michael Jordan’s and Tom Brady’s of our time. And the revelation was simple – because it’s hard. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance and to look for the instant gratification in things. If we don’t see that, we quickly move on and very, very few people will stick with the journey. It’s like the old saying goes, “If it were easy, everyone would do it” and nothing could ring more true when it comes to achieving greatness and achieving massive success. It takes perseverance, a belief system like no other, dedication, passion for “the game”, embracing shortfalls and the most unwavering focus on the end goal. The reason these people stand out amongst the crowd is because there are so few people who can do it and sustain it. Kobe used to go in and practice hours before the gym opened and the team hit the floor for scheduled practice. Why? Because he had goals, he knew where he wanted to go, and he knew it was going to take something unusual and working harder to get there.

Your present-day self so easily gets caught up in the current status of life. The never-ending list of to-do’s. The current challenges we’re facing. And its quite common, in fact, to push the harder, long-term journey to the side just to get through what’s in front of you. Therein lies the difference maker. Choose to rise above and challenge yourself. Choose to push yourself instead of coddling yourself. Choose the future vision over excuses and DO WHAT’S HARD. Put the work in, do what others aren’t and I promise you’ll see how different the outcome is. It’s one of the best things I ever did early on in my career.

Earlier this month I wrote a newsletter to challenge ourselves and change our daily habits by only 1%. You may not see rapid success or instant results in the short-term, but I promise, if you stick to it, your present day self-coupled with the vision of your future self will transform into you being your best self!

Have a great and productive day!