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If I had the opportunity to be your coach for the week, this is the one message I would be preach as I stood in your corner – look at everything you do as an opportunity, not as an obligation.

Most of us go into any new week, new project, new interest fully intending on giving it our all. Having an optimistic mindset is what fuels that. Then, inevitably, you hit a bump in the road, adversity large or small rears its ugly head, and that fierce positivity and determination starts to waver. Maybe you lose enthusiasm and maybe you even start to view the once exciting adventure as a chore. The mind is a pretty powerful thing (I think I said that last week…)

Our 6th Hall House Rule and my personal favorite is “It is Always Up to You. No One Else. Ever.” If each of us, as a team, held onto this philosophy we could accomplish so much more than we think we are capable of. Everything you do, your attitude toward it, whether it gets solved or lingers on – its all up to you. You decide how the story goes.
Michael Jordan didn’t just go out and try to score. He saw opportunities to score and put in 100% every time. He looked at every practice session, every game as something he “gets” to do, not something he “had” to do. What a privilege I GET to go out and play the game I love every day to make a difference for my team. What an opportunity we have to seize in front of us to earn the top spot. That’s what made him great. The greats see differently, they have a different view of the world, they approach their game in a totally different way…. And it’s time for you to shine and be the great that you know you are.

Thank you for allowing me to be your coach for the week. If you need anything, you know I’m a phone call away and will always be in your corner. You got this!

We GET to have a great and productive week! Make it count!