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That is what a newspaper company said to a young 22-year-old man by the name of Walt Disney. They told him his cartoons and comics were simply not creative enough and they fired him for it. If that wasn’t enough, his first animation company went bust in the early 1920s, and his attempt to pursue an acting career also failed.

One of my biggest observations of human behavior is that when something doesn’t come easy, most people give up and run the other way. It’s human nature to try to take the path of least resistance. So, nobody would have been surprised if Walt Disney didn’t throw in the towel after all the adversity he faced early on in his career. But we all know that’s not how his story went. He was determined to write a different one, and his story is so inspiring to me. He proved that he was not going to allow rejection, other’s opinions, and failed business ventures to stop him from pursuing his dream and all he was passionate about.

On the brink of the Great Depression, the Disney Studios created what we all know to be the most iconic and recognizable cartoon character ever – Mickey Mouse. Disney struggled to sell the concept, so much that he was rejected 300 times by bankers. It took a tremendous amount of continual effort and living on canned food and determination before he got someone to buy into the vision and masterpiece he had created. Some of the most successful people and businesses in the world started out during turbulent times…and if they didn’t start up in tough times, most surely experienced them at some point in their journey. The man who believed that troubles and obstacles can strengthen us is an inspiration for all businesses facing difficult times. It’s those very challenges that can define a true entrepreneur, push them to adapt, and seek new opportunities.

Our industry has shown nothing short of real adversity this past year…but as the market shifts, we shift and pivot with fresh ideas and drive to persevere. For Hall Financial, we go back to the core of what we are founded on – always delivering on our 5-Star Disney level of service to our clients and continuing to make dreams a reality.

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