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Happy Monday Motivation. Since starting these blogs, I have received thoughtful notes, emails, and texts about the positive and motivational route I take in my newsletters…. but most recently, I was asked how I, personally, stay positive and motivated during hard times, and I wanted to share my secret with you. We all have our thing from time to time, our moments of “tough”, but it’s how we move on and move forward that’s most important.

I believe our brain is like a circuit switch. Once you believe you are something, you will actually start to embody that feeling. There was a story I once heard that put the notion into perspective and it motivates me to this day to do better in all I do, and always with a positive mindset.

This life coach created a scenario that if one woke from a coma, forgetting who they were prior to that moment, but were told by loved ones that they used to be the best navy seal in the world, they would develop a belief system powerful enough to will them to recovery quicker. The mind is a powerful thing. Your thoughts become your actions and mold you as a person in more ways than you probably think. So today, and this week, imagine you took the path of a totally optimistic and confident mindset – if you truly believe you’re the best person for all you are responsible for, the best partner for your significant other, the best person for your job, the best mentor to someone in need… instead of thinking mediocre thoughts like ‘this is too hard. I can’t do this. This isn’t going to be good.”

Our brain is like a circuit…. if we just introduce it with the proper (more productive 😊) wiring, you will go straight to the target every time.

And I know that the struggle is real at times…and everyone at one point or another will have that internal conflict, even the most successful people that you look up to do…we’re all human after all. But the thing that separates us from one another is how we choose to respond in those moments. The ones who believe in who they are that don’t allow those thoughts to stick around long and live within them are the ones who persevere in every way. The secret is to handle those negative thoughts in that exact moment and overwhelm the situation with positive actions every time. And that comes with CONFIDENCE in yourself. Trust in yourself that you are better than the moment and built for greatness…because YOU ARE!

Have a GREAT and productive day!