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Life is full of choices. Every morning we wake up with new opportunities and a series of choices to make. Decision making is something we do all day without even thinking about it. From your coffee selection to the way you approach situations and everything in between… life is a series of choices. Will you create opportunities or complain about them? During tough times will you take responsibility or avoid accountability? Our decisions today often effect our tomorrow and how our journey plays out.

I recently read an article about a young athlete who was signed to a $2.8 million dollar entry-level contract with the Boston Bruins. An amazing accomplishment for anyone, but especially for a 20 year-old kid just starting his professional hockey career…life changing. His talent grew immensely and took him next level due to his hard work and dedication on the ice but what happened off the ice is where the trajectory of his life was forever changed because of a decision he made many years prior.

Six years prior to being signed, the young athlete made some unfortunately terrible choices and was convicted of bullying a classmate. All these years later once his new teammates caught wind of the incident his contract was quickly rescinded. After reading more about it, all I could think of was the kid who was bullied and the life-long effects it has caused him which tugged heavily on my heart. Two lives forever changed because of some really poor decision making and character flaws. We see stories like this play out in the media all too often. How you treat people will always come back to you. Your decisions made when you were “young” will haunt you. The power and impact our outlook on life, our influencing circle we have around us and the various choices we make all day every day inevitably shape who we are.

In any circle of friends, family, team or company we should all strive to have a culture built on respecting and supporting one another, in all we do. I stumbled across a post by Coach Saban that I shared with my team He said “Nobody is created a winner and nobody is created a loser. We are all created choosers…” Look it up and watch it, then share it with those around you.
Choose to make today great!