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Everyone’s favorite subject! Life changes. People change. Weather changes and so do circumstances. Very few people I know enjoy change. It takes a special mindset and perspective to really learn to love, enjoy and embrace change.

We’ve talked recently about how so much is changing in our world today and ways to embrace it with perspective. I can’t help but think of my old pal, Steve Piazza, who was a mentor of mine, and for many he was a cheerleader, an outside of the box-thinker…the ultimate motivator. You wanted this guy in your corner. Years ago, life knocked on his door and took him too soon but while he was here, he ‘changed’ the way I saw and handled things and left a permanent imprint on me in so many ways. He taught me to humble myself and what it meant to be a servant-leader, and instead of contributing to the chaos, to enrich the lives of others and be a light along the way…and to always remain optimistic.

Those skills have been invaluable in my career when dealing with change. We have experienced our share of honeymoons and hurricanes many times in our industry. The hurricanes in the 70’s and 80’s were met with historic double-digit rates that humbled even the biggest bank giants. As the pendulum swung back in the 90’s, rates started to fall where a refinancing boom was created leading consumers and lenders on a honeymoon bliss of savings.

Fast-forward to present time, in the midst of another change, rates have increased and according to nobody’s pal these days, Jerome Powell, he will “keep raising rates until inflation is under control.” If I can shed some light on this, I say to remain optimistic as rates are still relatively low, compared to where we were 20 years ago in the early 2000’s. As we try to understand the next shift, our team is working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide more opportunity to help serve you and your clients to achieve their goals and dreams. And more than anything, we’re here as trusted advisors to you.

Remember that change is inevitable…embrace it…and may the wind be at your back!

Have a great and productive day!