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What is your best skill or natural ability you are known for? Some people take assessment tests to discover where they would match up best within a company, and athletes compete for their spot to be on a winning team. Abilities come in all shapes and sizes. One could be a human calculator, a creative writer, a master negotiator (hopefully not with yourself), and an all-star quarterback…the list goes on. But what good would any of those skills be if you were not available?

The famous quote by legendary football coach Bill Parcells said it best: “Availability is the best ability.” His quote made me reflect on the current market and where we stand as a team. I believe that your brand precedes you…meaning you can be a master in your craft but if everyone knows you are not going to be available, your ability is not useful and makes the person who may not be the best player in their league look far much better…simply because they were more available.

Nearly 90% of clients prefer to speak with a live client service agent rather than a self-service channel or chat box…and during a time of crisis it’s an absolute must. During tough times being available is crucial. When a client calls and there’s a wait time, I feel that’s where companies tend to let a lot of people down. In a non-crisis situation, statistics show that 71% of consumers would be less likely to use a brand if it did not have human client service reps available. Consumers lose confidence in the brand and get frustrated in search of someone who can simply just be available. In times of need, the companies that are already known for mediocre service are going to look even worse. Whatever is bad gets magnified, but whatever is good gets magnified too. Good companies are going to look even better and will illustrate the culture and company you are doing business with…because those companies don’t want to let their clients down. They prioritized availability and the value of human interaction and support.

Our team works around the clock for you because we value you, and those very things. We keep in tune with market shifts, enabling us to be ready when you are at a moment’s notice. We do not want you to miss out on any opportunity and we don’t want you to feel alone when you have a question or seek guidance. We have over 20 years of client experience and knowledge in our industry. We make it simple and do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes for you. We have the technology and expertise to close your purchase in 13 days or less. We have 5,000 5-Star Reviews and nobody shows more personal attention than Hall Financial. We are ready and available when you need us!

Have a great and productive day!