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Creating interest by simply being yourself, while not being set out on a mission to do so, is an impressive feat. What’s better than witnessing someone being unapologetically themselves? That’s exactly what Caitlin Clark did this year during March Madness. More than anyone on the men’s side, this woman stole the show………and as a girl dad, I loved it.

Meet Caitlin. A trash talking Iowa girl with one goal in mind. To take her hometown Hawkeyes to the promise land.

She’s been referred to as the “female Larry Bird”. A subtle but excellent trash talker with the game to back it up. Watching her play is a pleasure as she has the rare ability to rise to the occasion. Nothing that she does on the court isn’t worked hard on. She undoubtedly has natural talent, but watching her you see she’s dedicated to her craft and that it’s highly developed through hard work. You watch her play and it makes you emotional and inspired all at once. I’m not exactly sure why, other than that she is the full package – playing with grit and passion (two of my favorite traits). Team player. Dedicated. Flamboyant but not over the top. An American treasure for sure.

Here’s where it makes me write about her…………the Iowa Hawkeyes Athletic Department had to shut down season ticket inquiries for next year due to excess demand generated this season because of this showstopper. Should I repeat that? This is women’s basketball.

Thank you Caitlin. I have some inspiration for my daughter Charley’s bedroom wall. Your story.

Have a great week!