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Welcome to the World’s Most Famous Arena – – Madison Square Garden. Today we are going to spotlight Knicks owner, James Dolan. Everyone knows I’m huge on delivering 5-Star client service and sometimes I feel compelled to rate companies who go above and beyond or who totally miss the mark. For the readers that like to skip to the end, James Dolan gets a whopping negative 5 stars!

James Dolan inherited the Knicks from his father, Charles Dolan, who was best known as the founder of Cablevision and HBO…they also have full control over Madison Square Garden properties and the New York Knicks. James had various gigs in his dad’s company selling subscriptions and advertising time for a sports radio station in Cleveland until he was named CEO in 1995. One of the Dolan sons was asked why James was elevated to CEO…and the response was “because no one else wanted it!”. Well, if that doesn’t make someone the obvious choice I don’t know what does. (Kidding obviously) James Dolan is not equipped to run an NBA franchise as historical and significant as the New York Knicks. Knicks fans in particular have grown tired of Dolan’s reckless behavior too.

During the championship years (1967-1975), the Knicks became a NBA darling known for their respectful ownership and dazzling client service and during the Dolan years (1999-present) the Knicks became a NBA bottom feeder and the front of house guest service took a dive. How could a leader not want to win and provide a great fan experience? Doesn’t know what he’s doing? Doesn’t have the winning mentality it takes? I can’t imagine taking our company’s over 5000 5-Star reviews and turning it into the worst run company in our industry. The only way that happens is when we all stop caring and stop working for it…and it would start at the top. Fortunately for us it would never happen.

Standing at the helm of Hall Financial I took a vow to provide first-class service, and our team proudly lives by the same degree of standards… because we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end when we don’t receive it. I believe leadership and vision is set from the top, it’s the tone setter. My next mission is to bring back the golden years of client service in all industries. We were the first to revive it in the mortgage industry, and we know so many people are out there passionate enough about it to carry on the mission in others.

Have a great and productive day!