What is a Property Easement?

Property Easement

When you purchase and own a home you may or may not have an easement. An easement is a piece of your property whereby other parties have rights to access it.

Most easements are usually in the front of the home’s property or in the back of the property. It is typically done this way for utilities to access their services. When you purchase a home, you should work with your real estate agent or title company to know exactly where easements exist on your property.

There are different types of easements such as an affirmative easement allowing someone to cut through your yard to reach a school and a negative easement whereby the homeowner may be prevented from developing your property which blocks a view.

There isn’t any reason not to buy a house because of an easement but it is always good to understand what you may or may not have.

As always, work with a trusted real estate agent, title company and mortgage advisor to gain the best advice in all aspects of a home purchase.