Benefit of a Home Walkthrough


Walking through an empty home allows buyers to spot defects more easily than a home that was once furnished with the seller’s possessions. The final walkthrough is the last opportunity buyers have to address issues or concerns before owning the home.

There are many aspects to be on the lookout for in a final walkthrough. Bring a copy of the home inspection and make sure all agreed upon repairs are completed. Confirm all your home appliances are working– make sure your oven heats, the dishwasher is running, and your HVAC system helps heat and cool your home in a reasonable amount of time. In certain instances, a second walkthrough can also be beneficial. A second walkthrough after a heavy storm, for example, can reveal potential water damage.

If repairs were not made by the seller or defects are spotted during the final walkthrough, you have a few options on how to move forward.

  • Ask the seller to fix the issues before closing.
  • Delay the closing to give the seller time to fix the problems.
  • Withhold money from the seller’s proceeds in an escrow account to help pay for the repairs.
  • Walk away from the home sale if issues are too extensive.

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