How to Find Property Lines

Property Lines

Your property lines define the perimeter of your property or in other words where it starts and where it ends. Typically, in a mortgage transaction up until about until 2005, surveys were required to depict how any structure sat on the property and the dimensions of the lot. This type of survey was a mortgage survey as opposed to a stake survey which literally stakes out the corners of the lot. This is helpful and necessary in the installation of fences, pools, additions and landscaping.

Aside from an actual stake survey there are other resources to determine your boundary lines. Typically, when land is developed the developer and builder will plat the property which would define the dimensions of the property. The plat of the property should be available as a matter of public record.

A second resource would be the deed of the property which again, may show the dimensions of the property.

Sometimes you may be able to find the actual, original property line markers which may take the form of a stake or some ground marker.

There are a few different ways to determine your property lines but the most certain way is performing a stake survey.

As always, always work with a trusted professional in these types of situations.