What is a Homeowner’s Association

Homeowners Association Article

A homeowner’s association, or HOA, is an organization within a subdivision, planned community, or condominium complex that oversees the creation and implementation of rules. Homeowners who buy a house in a HOA’s jurisdiction automatically become members and are responsible for paying dues (HOA fees). HOA board members are residents and/or volunteers that reside within the subdivision, planned community, or condominium and are elected.

One of the key tasks is to preserve the appearance and value of the community by ensuring properties are regularly maintained, routinely cleaned, and have completed repairs. The preservation of property value helps with home appreciation, selling, and development within the subdivisions. The guidelines set by the HOA are designed to help create a uniform appearance for all the properties within the HOA zone.

The best people to take care of the community are those who reside within it. To some, this may sound restrictive, but there are many benefits to having an HOA.

  1. Organized and enforced community rules and guidelines.
  2. Protecting property values through updated suggestions and accountability for maintaining properties.
  3. Allocating HOA dues to make necessary community updates or upgrades.
  4. Mediate housing disputes between neighbors.

The rules and suggested upgrades implemented by the HOA are in place to help enhance and maintain the community residents live in.

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