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“Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

How many times in life have you had to ask yourself this question before embarking on any kind of endeavor? It’s a question we weigh in our business often as I’m sure you do. It all comes down to risk-reward, doesn’t it? Some would argue if you’ve already put thought into the notion of “Is this worth it?”, then it must be. But to me it isn’t that simple. You’re also ultimately asking yourself if you can commit and be ALL IN, and most importantly if it’s worth the time and effort it will take (because we all constantly feel this hunger for more hours in our day and to maximize the time we do have).

My wife has this old saying “Do it with passion or not at all” and to me it sums this up perfectly. You’ve got to be all in on everything you commit to. So, you need to weigh the effort it will take, the why (and passion) behind your mission, the end goal, your timeframe and limitations, and ultimately decide if the juice is worth the squeeze for you, and this thing, here and now.

For us at Hall Financial, we’re passionate about our clients and the impact we get to make every day. So, when we have initiatives that can help us in those ways, they’re usually worth the squeeze for us. We pride ourselves on delivering the best client service in our industry. It is truly what separates us from the rest. We have a lot of things up our sleeve as we prepare to dive into 2023 that will help make our clients happier, make our team stronger and help us achieve our goals. It won’t be easy, but for us, greatness never comes easy and we put in the work to reap the rewards in the end.

Have a great and productive day!