Items To Do After Moving Into Your New Home

A picture of a front porch with furniture and plants

There are so many moving parts when purchasing a new home. There is the search for the home, the negotiating, the mortgage approval process, the closing and preparing for the move itself.

One of the items which should be on your list is what are the tasks you need to take once you have moved in. To properly be prepared this should occur while you are preparing for the closing.

Here is a simple list of items for you to consider:

• Contact a locksmith and have the locks changed out.
• Do you need a new security system for the house?
• Consider cleaning the carpets and floors before you move in.
• Any rooms need painting? If you have the time you should consider it with no furniture in the house.
• Update your address with USPS.
• Transfer or set up your utilities.
• Update all of your records with your new address like your driver’s license, your financial advisor, bank and employer.
• Set up your TV and Internet service.
• Test or replace your home smoke detectors.
• Have your furnace an air conditioner serviced.
• Are there any home improvements you want done? Now may be the time.
• Meet your new neighbors.

There is probably a lot more to consider but this should give you a good start. Be prepared and organized will make the insanity tolerable.