What Does a Listing Agent Do?

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In the world of residential real estate there are 2 types of agents. The first is the buyer’s agent who works with prospective consumers searching for a home. The second is the listing agent who helps a current homeowner to sell their home.

One of the first things a listing agent will do is determine what is a fair asking price for your home. They will search for recent sales for homes that are similar to yours that are close in proximity and with some recency. Your listing agent will search for these properties on the MLS or Multi Listing System. The listing agent is tasked with marketing your property to bring prospective buyers to you and subsequently offers.

You want to find a good listing agent who knows the neighborhood and city very well and has a good pulse of the market. Typically, in the state of Michigan, the seller pays the agent commission of 6% so you want the very best agent to help you to obtain the highest price for your home. Make sure your listing agent provides you strong marketing plan including holding open houses, placing your home out on social media platforms and taking professional pictures for your home.

As with anything like this in life you want to obtain a strong reference from someone you trust and also, you can interview two or three different agents to ascertain which one is best for you.