What Does a Real Estate Notary Do in the Home Buying Process

A picture of a notary public stamp sitting on documents

The purchase of a home is a big step in most every buyer’s financial life with many moving parts both in the finding and securing a home as well as the associated mortgage as well.

One of the final steps in the process is the closing of the mortgage. The title company facilitates and coordinates all of monies as well as the physical closing. The title company may have one of their closing agents who is a notary or contract with a 3rd party notary service to conduct the closing. This is a very important role in ensuring that all documents are signed and initialed correctly. As important, they are there to educate you on what you are signing and to answer questions you may have as well.

The notary will also collect your identification, verify you have signed everything correctly and notarize the applicable documents. If the notary is not in the title company location for the closing, they also will ensure the documents are returned to them.

Not everyone can be a notary and there are specific steps which need to be taken. You must take a course and pass an exam along with a background check. You must secure a $250,000 errors and omissions insurance policy and purchase your supplies.

Overall, a notary closer is a very important role in the process so work with a reputable title company to ensure everything goes smoothly.