How To Obtain a VA Certificate of Eligibility

A picture of a Veteran and her loan officer reviewing documents

If you ever served in the active military or national guard, you may well be eligible to purchase a home with a VA mortgage. These loans are backed by the US government and provide veterans with 100% financing as well. Before you start the mortgage application process you will need to obtain a VA Certificate of Eligibility or what is known as a COE.

VA loans are provided to veterans who have served at least 90 days in war or 181 days during peacetime. Also, active-duty personnel are eligible as well as veterans who were discharged with a service-related disability. Surviving spouses of a those who died in service are also eligible for a COE.

What a COE does is to your lender know that you qualify for a VA loan and will also inform them of what level of entitlement you are provided specifically the amount of the VA funding fee. You can obtain a VA COE online and print it out or send it to your letter. The other item you need to provide if not active is a copy of your DD-214 which are your discharge papers.

Our advice is if you are thinking of purchasing a home with a VA loan is to obtain it very early in the process as the form does not expire. Work with a trusted mortgage professional such as the Home Loan Advisors at Hall Financial to learn more and receive sound advice.