What is Chain of Title?

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In the world of property and real estate keeping track of who has ownership is critical. That is why title companies exist to ensure that property is properly conveyed to another party and the prior owner is removed.

Chain of title describes the history of ownership transfers of title on a property from the most current owner back to the original owner. This can also apply to land as well. A chain of title should always represent the continuous ownership of property without any breaks. Current ownership of property is reflected something like a deed or a title.

The chain of title is discovered when you purchased your home as the title company does a title search and verifies ownership of the property, any mortgage liens or other liens are on the property. The title company will ensure there are no breaks in the chain of title or any clouds. Be sure to keep your title policy as this insures for any claims made into the future.

Be sure to work the trusted real estate, mortgage, and title professionals when you are purchasing your new home.